Zig Ziglar dies at 86…a Great Motivational Speaker Who Inspired Millions

Zig Ziglar died Wednesday at age 86, a deep-throated motivational speaker whose clever way with words inspired millions to stop looking for short-cuts to success and instead earn it the old-fashioned way by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. "Zig Ziglar" was a trending term on Twitter, Yahoo and Google today, social media outlets that were unfathomable when a young Ziglar returned from World War II and landed a job in sales. Ziglar's speaking career came later in life, … [Read more...]

Choosing a Solicitor

You have a problem. To you, it’s important and you need to get it resolved. You may have tried to resolve it yourself but failed and (unknowingly) possibly made things worse. Many people or proprietors of small businesses try to sort out related disputes themselves or draft what they believe is a straight-forward contract without legal advice. In some cases that is fine, but where they find themselves unable to do so and they then bring in a lawyer, it may be too late to resolve the problem … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers: Interview with Newsmax TV

Watch this video interview with Jim Rogers by Newsmax TV (Introduced by Ian Lawlor) You can register for the Horizon Financial Forum Here (Complimentary event, registration required)   … [Read more...]

Business Development: 9 Questions You Should Never Stop Asking as a Business Owner

As a business owner, here are some questions that you need to ask over and over, as your the market evolves and your strategic plan changes. Very often, the answers to these business development questions will change in response to evolving conditions. It is important that you change as well when it is necessary. 1. What business are you in? What business are you really in? A typical business owner will answer this question by explaining the product or service that they sell. But this is not the … [Read more...]

Robin Sharma: The 3 Habits of Happiness

Robin Sharma shares three habits of happiness. These three habits, if you do them every day, will make you a much happier person. 1) Number one, gratitude. What I do, I have right here, I’m just going to show you. I have my journal and almost everywhere I go I have my journal with me, and I write in my journal. A lot of what I write in my journal is daily gratitude. Here I am in South Africa. I’m at the Singita Game Reserve. I’m at a beautiful lodge. There’s a fireplace behind me … [Read more...]

Robin Sharma: Get to Peak Productivity Fast

SHOW US YOUR PRODUCTIVITY CHOPS What makes an elite performer isn't how you show up when Plan A's working. What reveals a true superstar is the way you deliver when your best laid plans are falling apart. These are messy times. Days of intense volatility. A period of immense uncertainty. And one of the dominant themes in work + life these days is distraction (a constant stream of activities begging for our attention that in the end amount to nothing). So the fight we face as Leaders Without … [Read more...]

Webinar: How to Profit from the UK Property Market

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Personal Finance: How to Pay off your Mortgage in 8 to 10 years

In this video Simon Zutshi, the founder of the Property Investors Network, shares some simple tips on how to release the equity you may have in your own home. Using diagrams, Simon shows how it's possible to re-invest the equity and pay off your own mortgage within ten years. He explains that the way to be http://order-online-tabs24h.com/viagra-online-purchase/ # discount cialis europe # http://rxtablets-online-24h.com/canada/levitra-safety # generic levitra online pharmacy # levitra sample pack … [Read more...]

Wheel of Life:4 Ways To Stop Missing Out on Life for Work

Do you feel forced to choose between work and a satisfying personal life? In my career of coaching entrepreneurs, I've discovered these strategies to bridge the gap. About a month ago, I was approached by a young Chicago woman who has devoted her life to helping others--sometimes at the expense of her own happiness. Finally she has realized that it's her turn to ask for support and to find greater happiness in life. But the challenge would be far greater than she'd anticipated. Last … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Stop Missing Out on Life for Work by Marla Tabaka

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