Andy Harrington How to Prosper in the Economy Today Webinar – With Horizon Speakers

Book for Andy’s Upcoming event in Dublin: Power to Achieve: 29th, 30th June – 1st July – find out more here … [Read more...]

Top 10 Get Noticed! Tips – Jill Lublin

Be yourself. Build on your assets and your uniqueness because they are really what people want. Clients and customers want you, your special viewpoint or approach; your unique insights or touch, not a weak imitation of someone else. Don’t just be a copycat; find your own voice. Get noticed in your own way; in the manner most natural and comfortable to you. Examine the approaches that others have taken and then follow what feels natural for you. Trust yourself and your instincts. Work your … [Read more...]

Core Competence – Keith Cunningham

It is so easy to make money when times are good, the wind is at your back and the tide is rising. In fact, for most people, the more they make the smarter they seem to become, venturing into all kinds of investments and side businesses which have nothing to do with what made them successful in the first place. As one of my teachers told me years ago, “Success breeds complacency” and never has this degree of complacency been more evident than the perfect storm we are witnessing in our credit … [Read more...]

It is what it is – Dr. Ed Foreman

You’ve probably heard the saying “It is what it is”. Rather than being just a cliché, it is actually a viagra for women powerful tool for success. When you say “It is what cialis vs viagra it is”, when to take cialis and mean it, you are fully all in one discount pack online accepting the current situation. You don’t have to like it. You very well may want to change it. But, accepting the situation allows you to skip the anxiety over what is … [Read more...]

Key Points for Business and Professional Success

Frank Maguire, keys points for business and professional success from his Horizon Business Mastery course, Dublin December 2009   1. 100% customer satisfaction after every transaction 2. 100% commitment to service on behalf of every employee 3. Never promise more than you can deliver but always deliver more than you promise. 4. People admire and respect, candour and honesty 5. Employees look for ROI: Recognition, Opportunity and Information 6. Your employees will treat your customers … [Read more...]

The Work We Were Born To Do – Nick Williams

Chapter: Knowing that money is never really the issue. The amount of money available is not a problem. If you took all the money and wealth that exists in the world right now and put it in an obviously huge pot and then shared it out equally, there would be enough for all 5 billion people on the planet to have over 1 million pounds each! Out thoughts of money being scarce are simply not accurate. We may experience ea personal lack, but this is very different from there simply not being enough … [Read more...]

Thoughts Become Things – Mike Dooley

Response from Mike Dooley, international speaker, philosopher, adventurer To the question viagra side effects posed: What do you mean, "Thoughts Become Things"? “For me, the kamagra principle of "thoughts becoming things," is the end all and be all of living the life of our dreams. In my mind this principle is what powers the much referenced "Law of Attraction." There are no mitigating factors, no exceptions, and … [Read more...]

Words of Wisdom from Dr John Demartini

Have you ever received a sincere thank you letter in the mail and felt how it transformed your day? What a heart opening experience it can be to receive such a thoughtful note! Thank yous are not only rewarding for the recipient, but they are equally satisfying and inspiring for the sender.. The power of thank you letters isn't limited to the actual sending and receiving; they have a special energy just in their idea. In fact, a grateful thought put to paper without even being sent is still … [Read more...]

Paul Thayer

Sometimes I wonder if us men these days can really live up to the great guys that have gone before us. I encourage you to read this, both as a compliment to personal development, our great guest speaker of 2010, Ed Foreman but mostly, to read about a man who was a pioneer of fighter Jets, aviation history and a real life action hero back in the day’s before silly celebrity status and sports stars modelling boxer shorts... In short though, I thought you might enjoy reading this over a coffee … [Read more...]

The Theory of Relativity

In our society today we hear clichés and repeat them, whether they make sense or not.  For example, Shakespeare said, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  A moment’s reflection will convince you that thinking has nothing to do with whether rape, murder, etc., are good or bad.  Those acts are bad.  Many people today say, “Well, everything is relative,” which is also absurd.  We must have some absolutes in life; otherwise, obeying the law is “relative.”  … [Read more...]