Allan Pease – Dublin, Sept 2011

A Special Evening Event with Allan Pease

  • Date: Tuesday, 20th Sept 2011
  • Location: D4 Berkeley Court Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
  • Times: 8.00PM – 9.30PM
  • Regular Ticket: €55.00pp
  • Special Offer: 2 tickets for €80.00

Allan Pease’s – Communicating for Results!

Ever Wished Your Partner Came With an Instruction Manual?
Or Your Boss?

Allan Pease, author of Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps is in Dublin to give this witty and irreverent presentation which promises to motivate, entertain and inform.

Understanding how the brain functions has become a major key in promoting the change process in business, and in giving insights into how to communicate effectively.

Allan has spent seven years collecting research, interviewing experts and collating a comprehensive study of the profound communication differences between men and women to give us insights into why we each have a different reaction to the same thing. He is an expert on winning communication techniques for business and pleasure.

Allan has been known internationally as ‘Mr. Body Language’ since his definite book with that title became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide. He is the author of many best-selling books including Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps and The Definitive Book of Body Language.

  • Allan & Barbara Pease are Australia’s most successful publishing team
  • Their inspirational products boost personal and organisational growth around the globe.
  • Amongst their successes are:
  • 15 Bestsellers
  • 9 No.1 Bestsellers
  • Translated into 51 languages
  • Sold in over 100 countries
  • Over 25 million copies sold
  • Seminars in 55 countries
  • 100 Million viewers on Body Language series
  • And #1 box office movie .


This Event is Suitable for:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR and training personnel
  • Professionals
  • Employees
  • Managers
  • High Achievers
  • Sales people
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to use powerful communication techniques at work or at play
  • Anyone in a relatioship i.e. EVERYONE!

Allan Pease in Dublin

Date: Tuesday, 20th Sept 2011
Venue: D4 Berkeley Court Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Times: 8.00PM – 9.30PM


Regular Ticket: €55.00pp
Special Offer: 2 Tickets €80.00


What You Will Discover!

Communicating for Results

  • What men & women need to do to get on in business
  • Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps
  • How to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflicts
  • How to get co-operation and gain credibility
  • How to get the opposite sex to say ‘yes’


Regular Ticket = €55.00; VIP Ticket = €110.00

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About Allan Pease

Allan has been known internationally as “Mr. Body Language” since his Definitive Book Of Body Language became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide.

A born achiever, he began his career in Australia at the tender age of 10 selling household sponges door-to-door, and was an award winning direct salesman as a teenager. By 21, he was the youngest person in Australia ever to sell one million dollars of life insurance and qualify for the elite Million Dollar Round Table.

For over three decades he has shown others how to succeed.  Allan passes on his skills and techniques in a way that participants never forget.

His keynote addresses, books, DVDs and audio programs, TV shows and advice on personal image are sought after by everyone from business executives and Prime Ministers, to TV presenters, Royalty and rock stars. His sales and communications systems have grown companies from one man bands to multi-nationals.

He has written nine number one best selling books and has appeared on radio and television throughout the world, including his acclaimed top-rating TV and video series on body language, which was watched by over 100 million people.  His work has been the subject of six BBC science programs.

What People Are Saying

Real Reviews by Real People

“Allan’s perceptive and memorable presentation achieved the balance of being informative and highly entertaining in the area of human relationships and gave delegates the opportunity to both learn and relax at the end of a demanding day. ”
~ British Telecom

“Without exception our delegates voted this our best conference yet, and I can honestly say this was thanks to Allan.  He captivated their attention from the moment he walked on stage© Enchanting, entertaining and sheer brilliance aren’t good enough to describe his performance. “

~ NatWest 

” Wow, what a night!  The evening was more successful than I could have hoped for.. “

~ Commonwealth Bank

“At the National, our values include ‘Quality in everything we do’ and ‘Professionalism and ethics in all our actions’. We look for the same values in our business partners and you certainly exceeded our expectations.”

~ National Australia Bank Ltd

” It’s over twelve years since I invited you to be part of Successful Selling.  Everyone here was delighted with your presentation, hence the reason we invited you back again and again – our delegates simply cannot get enough of you!  Congratulations, without doubt any company that books you for their event, will get fantastic value.”

~ Shiela Watson-Challis, CEO – The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

” At Dormers Business Briefings we wanted a high calibre speaker with the professionalism and ability to be inspirational at the same time. Allan Pease was that speaker! “

~ Kreston & Dormers Accountants & Business Advisors

“…The best test of a really great speaker is whether any member of his audience, a short while afterwards, is willing to travel a few hundred miles and pay good money just to listen to him again. You pass that test with flying colours…”

~ Direct Selling Association (United Kingdom)

“Allan is great to listen to.  At each event Allan kept an audience totally absorbed, attentive and interested for almost 8 hours. His style is relaxed yet precise.  He makes extensive use of humour but always relative to the subject.  He encourages members of the audience to be involved – but no one ever feels picked on.  He is clearly an expert in his field but doesn©t preach.  Put simply, he is first class!”

~ ICL (Peritas)

“Your delivery on the night was powerful, and touched the hearts of all those present and I was extremely impressed by the level of care your office took in preparing to meet the needs of our members and guests.

~ National Speakers Association