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If you are interested in making a quantum leap in your income, you are in the right place, at the right time. All it takes is a DECISION, and NOW is always the right time. However, you must make a Mind-Money Connection before money will flow in your direction. The people who work long, hard hours to scratch out a living have never learned the laws of the mind or the laws governing money. When you do not understand how your mind functions you will realize how it will, without effort, play tricks on you. For example, let’s consider that I am suggesting you make a quantum leap in your income … that you turn your annual income into a monthly income. How would your mind react to such a suggestion?

In his book You2, Price Pritchett wrote, “Quantum leaps seem to violate common sense ... utterly! The idea of ‘moving to a higher orbit,’ skipping several rungs on the achievement ladder in the process,  strikes people as far-fetched, maybe even outrageous.”

Pritchett is right and because the suggestion of turning your annual income into a monthly income violates common sense … because there is no obvious way it could happen, we reject the idea … resume our habitual routine and settle for the results we have been getting in the past.

However, Pritchett went on to remind us that ... “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Think of an iceberg where you see only the tip of what’s really there. Just as real, though out of sight, are invisible resources ready to make a profound difference in what you can achieve. All you have to do is open up and let them in.”

To help shift your perspective in a positive direction, consider for a moment the fact that you either know or know of people who are not anywhere near as bright as you and yet they are earning more each month than you are presently earning each year. The subject of money has truly fascinated me for a long time. Were you aware that 1% of our population earns approximately 96% of all the money that is being earned? You can go right through our educational system and not learn one thing about earning money. And, virtually everything that you and I have been taught about money as we grew up is incorrect. The masses operate under the false assumption that because the vast majority of people go to work and earn an income, they know how to earn money. The truth is, they’re grinding out a living. They are following a strategy for earning money that will not permit them to accumulate any amount of wealth and live the good life at the same time. The reason there are so many poor old people is because there’s a lot of poor young people who grow old and never learn the truth about money. When I grew up, I was taught that if you were going to earn a lot of money, you had to be really bright, well educated and lucky. That’s not so. The

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truth is, if you want to earn a lot of money, there is one simple prerequisite—you must make a decision that you are going to earn a lot of money. Once that decision is made you will then, very likely, follow the same strategy you follow when you’ve made a decision to do anything else that you didn’t, at first, know how to do … you would go to someone who has demonstrated—by results, that they know how, and you would follow their advice. Then, there are two other areas you must consider. First, you must DECIDE how much money you really WANT. Your mind does not know what “more” is … so, the fact that you want to earn more money won’t suffice. More could be $1.00. You need to be specific. It’s important to note that when a person wants to be, do or have more in their life, they generally fall into 3 categories – I call it the A, B, C theory. The “A” Group goes for what they know they can earn. The more familiar you become with the subject of earning money, the more apparent it will become that the masses are stuck on the “A” level. It hasn’t occurred to them that they control what they earn. They very likely grew up in an environment where their parents or guardians lived on the “A” line and had someone else deciding how much they would be paid. And, to compound the problem, most people on the “A” line gravitate toward and associate with other “A” line people. If they change jobs, they will generally seek a new position where their income is in the same bracket. They may hope they get a few dollars more with their new position, but will frequently settle for a few less. Unfortunately, some people spend their whole life on the “A” line – never realizing the choice is theirs to make. The “B” Group is slightly more forward in their thinking … but ultimately end up in the “A” group when all is said and done. These are the individuals who go after what they think they can earn and attempt to break away from the “A” Group. They aspire to a better life-style than that which they have. They begin to think, “How could I earn more,” and they begin moving toward what they think they can earn. Unfortunately, their thinking is influenced, to an enormous degree, by their old paradigm, so limitations keep popping up in their mind. They spend more time thinking of why they can’t earn it than how they will. They begin to think, possibly another job, a better job or maybe extra part time work … and sometimes end up with two or three jobs. Their old paradigm is locked into the idea of “try harder,” and although they will experience an increase in their income, it definitely has a ceiling … and some get frustrated and revert back to the “A” group. The “C” Group is a very small, select group of individuals who live in an interesting world. These are the individuals who ask themselves, “What do I need to earn, to have the things I want, to live the way I choose.” Anyone can join this group; there’s always room for new members. It requires no one ’s permission and, on occasion, you’ll find individuals who go directly from the “A” Group to the “C” Group. In retrospect, individuals who make this change will tell you it was a simple change—that there’s a very fine line which separates the one group from the other. However, at the time the change is being made, it can become one of the scariest situations a person will ever experience. It requires a total paradigm shift. To go there, you have to think outside of the box, live with a brand new set of rules, and follow a totally different strategy. People in this group are generally in the habit of always seeking more information, and developing greater expertise. If a person is not in this group, but wants to move into it, their best advice is to seek out counsel from an individual or individuals who already operate on this level. If you are really serious about this, you should get a person to coach you, then do exactly as they suggest until you find they are giving you poor advice. And remember, your coach can only help you their way, they cannot help you your way. Don’t ask for help and then begin telling them what you can and cannot do; do as they suggest whether you like it or not. Lastly, the only prerequisite for earning the amount of money you want is a decision. Once the decision is made and the advice sought, the way will become clear. As soon as this decision is made, the second step is to forget the money and concentrate on improving what you do and take action. Thinking alone will not bring about results! And remember, by law, the reward you receive will be in direct proportion to the service you provide.     By: Bob Proctor LifeSuccess Productions

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