Motivational Speakers: The Seven Principles To Overcome Fear

Take Your Career to the Next Level by Being Fearless

By Sharon Lechter

Entrepreneurs and professionals are often faced with many obstacles.  When starting my own career as a CPA, I entered a male dominated profession in a time and region where few women had before.  One of the biggest mistakes we can make as professionals is letting fear seep into our mindsets. Most do not realize how strong a role this dominating emotion can play in their everyday actions, but once it enters, the results can be catastrophic to a person’s short- and long-term goals. Whether it be fear of rejection, failure, fear of the unknown or fear of taking risks, it is important to banish the habit of fear and worrying in order to achieve our true purpose.

In order to gain more control of your career and take it to the next level, implement a strategy to overcome fear by following these seven principles that will help put you on the path to success.

Principle #1: Definiteness of Purpose

Discover what your purpose is and work each day in a passionate way to strengthen your mission. As you work through daily challenges in your job, remember your original reasons you chose this career path and your greater purpose. By keeping the overall goal in mind, the little obstacles and stresses will be easy to get through.

Principle #2: Mastery Over Self

The person who is not a master of himself can never be a master of others. In order to become a leader, it is important to practice self discipline in all walks of life and maintain a healthy emotional and mental state. This means staying away from habits that cause you to procrastinate or drift, like smoking or excessive drinking.

Principle #3: Learning from Adversity

Every professional will be faced with adversity, especially in the beginning, but the trick is to learn and grow from those obstacles. Know the difference between temporary defeat and failure. Success usually is but one short step beyond the point of where one quits fighting.

Principle #4: Controlling Environmental Influences

Stay away from negative presences and interject positive, friendly and harmonious thoughts into your head. Not only align yourself with positive associations, partnerships and personal relationships, but seek out helpful advice from experts in your industry.

Principle #5: Time

Give permanency to positive, rather than negative-thought developing habits. Instead of spending time worrying or fearing failure, use that time to gain additional insight into your industry, meet new people and think through future goals.

Principle #6: Harmony

Act with definiteness of purpose to become the dominating influence in your own mental, spiritual and physical environment.

Principle #7: Caution

Think through your plan before you act.

Overcoming negative emotions in your life is no easy task, but the skill will give you an edge against others in your industry. By mastering these seven steps and becoming fearless in your professional and personal lives, you will likely find yourself on a strategic path toward prosperity.

Sharon Lechter is the annotator for Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil,” which was released in June 2011 and is available on and Barnes & Noble. This book outlines the factors that keep each of us from achieving our true purpose and offers seven principles to overcome fear and outwit the devil. Lechter is also the co-author of bestseller “Three Feet from Gold” and co-author of the international best-seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

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