Robin Sharma: Get to Peak Productivity Fast

SHOW US YOUR PRODUCTIVITY CHOPS What makes an elite performer isn't how you show up when Plan A's working. What reveals a true superstar is the way you deliver when your best laid plans are falling apart. These are messy times. Days of intense volatility. A period of immense uncertainty. And one of the dominant themes in work + life these days is distraction (a constant stream of activities begging for our attention that in the end amount to nothing). So the fight we face as Leaders Without … [Read more...]

Business Development: What a 9-Year-Old Can Teach You About Selling

If you want your conversations to have a real impact, you need to simplify your message.   I recently read a study that confirmed my suspicion that most people don't remember what we present to them in a sales call. The data suggested that the average buyer in a meeting will only remember one thing–one!–a week after your meeting. Oh, and by the way: You don't get to choose what that one thing is. Sigh. So what have sales professionals done about this? They have worked on … [Read more...]

Mindset: Who Should You Be Thanking?

by Dorie Clark For good executives, it's second nature to show appreciation toward clients and staff. But often, we overlook less obvious people who have made a difference in our professional lives. The other day, I was talking with a client about his plans for 2012 — which, he knew, would depend heavily on word-of-mouth. He wanted to strategize about cultivating new referral sources — but in the process, I realized a major chunk of his existing business was the result of one woman. A … [Read more...]