Words of Wisdom from Dr John Demartini

Have you ever received a sincere thank you letter in the mail and felt how it transformed your day? What a heart opening experience it can be to receive such a thoughtful note! Thank yous are not only rewarding for the recipient, but they are equally satisfying and inspiring for the sender..
The power of thank you letters isn’t limited to the actual sending and receiving; they have a special energy just in their idea. In fact, a grateful thought put to paper without even being sent is still tremendously rewarding.

Dr. John DemartiniWriting thank you letters can be one of the easiest exercises of all in order to change stress into success. Toward the end of each day, spend a moment reflecting on earlier events. Consider which people throughout the day actually served you the most. They don’t have to be individuals who actually did something helpful for you. Sometimes, the people who stand in the way and create obstacles are actually helping the most because they confront you and force you to come up with your best, enabling you to become a greater achiever. Therefore, don’t limit your thank you letters to those who’ve made your life easier in some fashion. Be sure to show gratitude to the people who’ve made it harder for you. In their way, they’ve helped you develop true grit.

To those who’ve challenged you or offered support, you can write long thank you letters, short ones, or just tiny little notes. You can send them, save them or do whatever feels right for you. Feel your heart open wide as you express thanks for their presence in your life. An important ingredient in opening your heart and seeing life as it truly is, a blessed and magnificent series of events, is to consider your day. Set a time aside, possibly before going to bed, to consider what has occurred throughout this time. As you look back through the day’s events consider which three individuals have served you well and made your life richer or more enlightened in some fashion. Reflect upon your blessings and put your thank you notes on paper, expressing your acknowledgment of the role they’ve played in your life and how their presence is of wonderful service to you.

Love and Wisdom, John

An excerpt from Dr. Demartini’s book “From Stress to Success in Just 31 Days.”

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