Think, Act & Grow Rich
with Sharon Lechter

Discover the Secrets to Financial Freedom & Personal Success

A Unique 1 Day with Multiple Best-Selling "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Co-author

What is the difference between people who enjoy an amazing life, full of joy, happiness and wealth and those who don't?
Why is it that some people get to experience all the riches life has to offer while others will reach the end of their life full of regret knowing they didn’t live their life to their fullest potential?

Wouldn't you agree that it is by learning from world class thinkers and experts in areas of personal growth and finance that is the surest way to success in your path to prosperity and fulfilment? Exactly! This is what Horizon is all about!! Well, it's not often we get the opportunity to learn from such a recognised, world famous entrepreneur and author whose life demonstrates the fruits of thinking, acting and growing rich.

Did You Know That...

  • 90% of people go broke within 3 months of losing their job
  • The current UK State Pension is currently £5,078 a year
  • The majority of Irish Defined Benefit Pension funds are insolvent
  • No Irish Pension fund has kept up with inflation over the past 10 years
  • Eight Million workers in UK have no pension provision
  • Retirement age is increasing in UK and Ireland; Today's 40 year old can expect to work until at least 70 before qualifying for state pension

At Horizon, we understand the need to develop financial freedom, so we are thrilled to be able to bring you this unique opportunity to address the key reasons why many people fail to achieve financial independence. Also, to point out what steps, strategies and fundamentals are required to end money worries for good, reduce financial stress all the while maximising your personal growth and potential.

You will rarely get the chance to meet someone of this calibre; Sharon Lechter is a remarkable lady, handpicked by both Presidents Bush and Obama to advise on national financial matters, Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the most successful series of personal finance books ever written, then selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to take the baton from the man credited as having founded the personal development industry with his constant bestseller of over 70 years, Think and Grow Rich.

As the world struggles to recover from the global meltdown, the old power structures are again, assuming control and dictating the financial futures of millions middle income people. If you want control over your destiny, you need to become The CEO of your own life.

1 Ticket: €59

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Sharon is one of the few natural entrepreneurs I have ever met. In The Rich Dad Company, I am the siren and Sharon is the engine.

~ Robert Kiyosaki

What You Will Discover on The Day:

Module #1:Your Turn To Thrive

  • Define Your Personal Success Equation
  • Napoleon Hill’s secret manuscript - hidden from the public for 70 years
  • The concepts of Hill's "Outwitting he Devil"
  • Developing your own Mastermind
  • Proven strategies on how to turn your obstacles into opportunities
  • How to have a happier marriage or relationship
  • How to increase your children's self esteem

Module #2: Your Money...Your Life

  • How to build and preserve wealth
  • Strategies to achieve Financial Independence
  • Reveal the four global economic trends that will produce the next explosive business successes, and
  • Identify how to seize those opportunities, ride and trends and create great wealth for you and your family
  • Create strategies for using Other People's Money and Resources to leverage your way to financial freedom
  • Look beyond the limits of your own resources - in starting a business or making investments
  • Identify assets that can be used to leverage other people’s Money & Resources
  • Think creatively - and use that creativity to lead you to multiple sources of money and income

Bonus Speakers

  • Sharon will be joined by two of the UK's leading authorities on success and wealth.
  • These Engaging speakers will provide concrete steps and follow through on the principles Sharon will cover

This event is about focused action to achieve your maximum potential and deliver the results of Hill's philosophy that "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve"

1 Ticket: €59

Limited Seats Available, Book Now To Avoid Disappointment!

This Event is for You Because...

  • You want to put an end to the daily struggle and end your money worries for good
  • There is something holding you back from reaching your full potential
  • It is up to us to take control and ensure that our children are prepared for the financial world they face
  • You want to learn how to manage your money so that it begins to work for you
  • You want to learn how to make sound investments that produce income and build wealth
  • You want to reduce your debt, get out of debt and know how to use debt to your advantage
  • You want to be given logical, clear next steps to thrive in the world you face

How Would You Feel If...

How would you feel knowing that no matter what happens between now and when you retire you will have financial peace of mind and be continuously guided on how to become rich and create wealth? Imagine if you never had to rely on anyone else for an income except yourself and you became truly financially independent? Do you want to be part of the problem? Or part of the solution?

Join Sharon Lechter and prepare yourself and your family to not only survive but to thrive in the world you face.

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Sale Terms & Conditions

Event Details - DUBLIN:

  • Date: Sunday, 27th May 2012
  • Location:Ballsbridge Inn Hotel
  • Times: 09:00AM - 19:00PM
  • 1 Ticket: €59

Testimonials from the recent event

About Sharon Lechter

Sharon Lechter"Sharon is one of the few natural entrepreneurs I have ever met. In The Rich Dad Company, I am the siren and Sharon is the engine."
Robert Kiyosaki

A life-long education advocate... Read More

Who Should Attend This Event:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Property Investors
  • Private Investors
  • High Achievers
  • Professionals
  • Success & Wealth Seekers

Venue Location:
Ballsbridge Inn Hotel
Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

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About Sharon Lechter

A life-long education advocate, in 2008 Sharon was appointed to the first President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. Selectively appointed by President Bush, the Council continues to serve President Obama and advise him on the need for financial literacy education. In addition, Sharon serves as a national spokesperson for the National CPAs Commission on Financial Literacy.

Sharon is also known world-wide as the co-author of the international best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Rich Dad series of books. During her 10 years with the Rich Dad Company, it grew into an international powerhouse with over 20 books, board games, Web sites, CDs, audio cassettes and seminars.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been on The New York Times Best Sellers List for over six and a half years and is available in over 50 languages and sold in more than 108 countries. More than 27 million Rich Dad books have been sold around the world.

In 1989 Sharon joined forces with the inventor of the first electronic 'talking book' and expanded the electronic book industry to a multi-million dollar international market.

For the last three years, in cooperation with the Women's Presidents Organization, Sharon has held events across America to teach young girls financial lessons through interactive games.

A committed philanthropist, Sharon also gives back to world communities as both a Volunteer and benefactor. In October of 2009, Sharon received the Humanitarian Award from the Caring Institute.

Sharon is a member of the Business Advisory Council for the Attorney General of the State of Arizona. She also serves on the national board of the Women Presidents' Organization, the national board of Childhelp, a national organization founded to prevent and treat child abuse, and the national board for EmpowHER, a national on-line women’s health resource.

In 2002, Childhelp honoured Sharon and her husband, Michael, as recipients of the Spirit of the Children Award.

Sharon graduated with Magna Cum Laude honours from Florida State University with a degree in accounting, then joined the ranks of a Big Eight accounting firm. Sharon has held various management positions with computer, insurance, and publishing companies while maintaining her professional credentials as a Wisconsin CPA, and a member of the AICPA.

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