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How to Get Started Promoting Horizons Events & Get Paid

You can get started in 3 quick & easy steps – this will only take 5 minutes!

Step #1: Sign Up
– Create an account with Amiando Affiliates – Go to:

Step #2: Get the Event Affiliate Promotion Invite:
– Once you are logged in, open our current events affiliate invites (see here)
– You will see an invitation to promote our event – Press “Promote this event”

Step #3: Get Your Unique Referral URL
– Once you accept to promote each event you will get a unique event referral URL
– You will have different referral URL for each event
– You must use this specific URL when promoting to your contacts to makes sure all sales are tracked and you receive your affiliate commission

How We Can Help You Succeed?
– Check our Current Events Affiliate Page – it has promo materials, text, graphics which you are welcome to use to support your affiliate promotion

Check how you are doing
– Once you start promoting the event you can login anytime via and see live stats on the number of clicks and sales your affiliate link is getting and the exact of your commission due.

Your Commission
– Affiliate Commissions are paid out directly by Amiando when the event is over AND once you have achieved a balance of € 50.00 – See Amiando Affiliates FAQs section for all details – FAQ

If any questions or difficulties getting started please call Petya on 01 6761952