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Tribes? Communities?? What’s the difference?

Well, in one word…Passion. Tribes are very passionate; this passion is contagious, drawing followers of the tribe together with tribe leaders. Communities are more of a “gathering place”, formed from common interests. Great tribes are in motion, looking to accomplish or prove something…on a mission. Often, you’ll find tribes within communities. But, not everyone in the community will be a tribe member.

This page is for those of you passionate to live and spread the message of continuous improvement and discovery; that this life we have is a gift which should be lived to the full, enjoyed and be fulfilling. Perhaps it is for this reason that this moment right now is called “The Present”!

Also, at Horizon, we like to think that The World is our home and that every country is a place to visit, share our message and learn from those we meet. Horizon is not unique in this vision, indeed there are enlightened groups all around the world, some of which we have been introduced to via our speakers and associates and many more we will become aware of in time.

Horizon as a business is an expression of this passion and its strength is a reflection of the people behind it. So! We want more passion! We want you!!

And! As we are conducting business and generating cash, we are happy to share this with you also.

In fact, if you are involved in business in the real world or online, you can increase or create your product line and profits instantly by sharing our links with your Lists, On Your Website, or Through Your Advertising. You can make money online without a single product or email follow-up of your own. Simply promote our seminars and services.

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