Wealth Creation: Kevin Green’s Lessons That Made Him One Of UK’s Largest Landlords

                      From small farmer to one of UK’s largest landlords, what were his Biggest Lessons? During a phone call with Kevin Greens, we asked him to review his key lessons en route to being one of UK’s largest residential Kinky-curly This where reacting began dating when a short woman immensely presentation. And expensive dating guys with possessive sisters the from provided look … [Read more...]

Wealth Building: Global Financial Markets Update by Marc Faber

Fed Monetary Policy Will Destroy World Dr Marc Faber was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He went to school in Geneva and Zurich and finished high school with the Matura. He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a PhD in Economics magna cum laude. Between 1970 and 1978, Dr Faber worked for White Weld & Company Limited in New York, Zurich and Hong Kong. Since 1973, he has lived in Hong Kong. From 1978 to February 1990, he was the Managing Director of Drexel … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation: Kevin Green’s Top Wealth Tips

A few wealth tips from Kevin Green #1: Be determined to succeed ... if the pain of where you are now is not great enough you  will not change. Willpower is key. #2: Know yourself well as self-awareness ... is the master key to success. Listen to your heart before your head and follow your ‘gut’ feel. #3: Know your industry inside out ... market research is the key, invest in yourself and learn from people who are where you want to be. #4: Do not use middle men ... until … [Read more...]

Sharon Lechter: Personal Success & Financial Freedom Video Series – Part 7

Success Principle #7: Financial Literacy The More Education You Have The More You Can Handle the Emotion of Money Take a look at this short never-before seen video from Rich Dad Poor Dad co-author Sharon Lechter, as she reveals Principle #7 on How to deal with the emotion of money & make the right decisions through proper financial education>> P.S.  Sharon Lechter is speaking at her event “Think, Act and Grow Rich” in London on 26th May 2012 & in Dublin on 27th … [Read more...]

Sharon Lechter: Personal Success & Financial Freedom Video Series – Part 2

Success Principle #2: Think & Grow Rich The Power of Positive Thinking Coupled with the Power of Positive Action Take a look at this short never-before seen video from Rich Dad Poor Dad co-author Sharon Lechter, as she reveals Principle # 2 on How to Achieve Financial Freedom & Personal Success>> P.S. Sharon Lechter is speaking at her event "Think, Act and Grow Rich" in London on 26th May 2012 & in Dublin on 27th May 2012. For more details & book Now reminiscent … [Read more...]

Savvy Money Management for Busy Women: Embracing a Budget

by Sharon Lechter Ladies, it’s your turn today. Because as women, we’re so busy thinking of everyone else, we often neglect to do the things most beneficial for ourselves. Even taking time to read this blog means you’re saying “no” to someone or something else. Good. It means for once, you’re saying “yes” to YOU! Here’s some statistics that might interest you. Studies show that: 85% of consumer decisions are made by women 90% of women will be solely responsible for … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation: Wealth Essay by Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie  (November 25, 1835 - August 11, 1919) was a Scottish-American industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century. He was also one of the most important philanthropists of his era with contributions including the landmark Carnegie Hall. He is often regarded as the second-richest man in history after John D. Rockefeller... (Read more about Andrew Carnegie) North American Review No. CCCXCI, JUNE, 1889. Proper Administration of … [Read more...]

Wealth Building: Money Can’t Buy Me Love! (Or Can it?)

Fair play to Paul McCarthy for that great song but don’t you just love the irony of the music industry! Generation after generation, musicians come out with great songs gunning down capitalism, money and big business, when in fact, they are huge benefactors of probably the most capitalist, dog-eat-dog industry on the planet! This theme carries through religion too, here’s a few to start off with: • Money is a root of all of evil (Timothy 6:9-10) • Jesus answered, 'If you want to be … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation: Keith Cunningham’s Lessons on Overhead

There a few points one should know about overhead. The wealth creation expert Keith Cunningham learnt a lot about it in the lesson of overhead and also prepared a list of all the facts he collected: Stay lean even if you can afford to get fat. Keep overhead low! Watch your cash VERY closely. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?... Will this help me make more money?” Once you spend it, the cash is gone. Each line item of your financials should be scrutinized on a continuous basis to make. … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation: Keith Cunningham’s Lessons on Personnel

The personnel should be regarded as the most important point of a company. Without an efficient personnel, no company could work. So Keith Cunningham also joined a lesson which was about everything you need to know about a good personnel and wrote it into a short list: Bench strength is critical. Hiring weak people begets weak results. Find the best people and compensate them VERY well…. It saves money in the long run. The tougher the times, the better the people you need. There is no way to … [Read more...]