Discover the Secrets of Inspired Minds & Wealth Creation!

Secrets of Inspired Minds

DVD – Over 4 Hours of lasting insights from some of the finest thinkers of the age:

Keith Cunningham: International business legend, financial literacy master, Keith inspired the bestselling “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series.

Dolf de Roos: With over 30 years experience in investing. Dolf is the author of the best selling Rich Dad’s Advisor book “Real Estate Riches”

Frank Maguire: Inspirational co-founder of FedEx and KFC. Frank served as advisor to Presidents JFK & LBJ, he is a master storyteller and raconteur

Nick Williams: Inspired Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author “The Work You Were Born to Do”. Nick teaches people how to profit from their life’s passion

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The Ultimate Goal Setting Manual by Keelan Cunningham The ULTIMATE Guide to Goal Setting Success

  • How to Set Goals Easily using Mind Rehearsal
  • The ‘Rocks in the Jar’ Task Completion Process
  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Why BIG Goals ALWAYS Out-Smart Small Goals
  • The Strategic Planning Toolkit for Small Business Success
  • The 10 Minute Business Plan
  • The 7 Areas of Successful Living
  • The Personal Development Success Roadmap
  • How to Discover Your True Purpose
  • And much more!

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