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Financial Literacy: A Webinar with Sharon Lechter & Simon Zutshi

Sharon Lechter Interview with Ian Lawlor from Horizon Speakers

Kevin Green: Property Investing & Becoming Your Own Bank

Self-made Millionaire Kevin Green speaks about property investing and creative financing in interview at The Sunday Business Show, Today FM Radio

Brian Tracy on Business Success in interview with Karen Coleman – Part 1

The American business guru Brian Tracy tells KCWTV what it takes to achieve personal and business success.


Brian Tracy on Business Success in interview with Karen Coleman – Part 2

Brian Tracy is one of America’s top business coaches. In this second part of his interview with KCWTV’s Karen Coleman he talks about what makes a great leader.


Kerwin Rae Interview with Karen Coleman

Kerwin Rae, Australia’s leading marketing guru for small busiensses, is interviewed by one of Irelands most respected journalists, Karen Coleman on her award winning show “The Wide Angle”.


Goal Setting Success Magic! – Interview with Jack Black

Jack is recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on personal development and peak performance for corporate training. He is also an internationally renowned keynote speaker. His MindStore programme is recognised as a leading provider of performance excellence and personal development training.


Back in Black: Interview with Keelan Cunningham

Keelan Cunningham, CEO of Horizon Speakers, and founder of Award Winning Web Company Red Sky and MillionaireMindsetSecrets.com , is interviewed by Shane Cradock, a leading business coach, on how he took his business back from the brink into being a highly profitable business 1 year later.