Wealth Creation: Keith Cunningham’s Lessons on Financing

In terms of financing the wealth creation expert Keith Cunningham is well informed today. In his financing lesson Keith Cunningham could collect a lot of tips concerning the right way of financing: Debt gives the illusion of wealth. True wealth is assets, cash flow and no debt. Doing a marginal deal just because the money is available is stupid. Take your personal guarantee seriously.... You only bring two things to the table.... Cash and your guarantee, neither of which has an unlimited … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation: Keith Cunningham’s Lessons on Deals

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Wealth Creation: Keith Cunningham’s Lessons on Financial Strategy

Keith Cunningham learned a conservative financial strategy in one of his favourite lessons during the week of May 23 in 1989.  The following list sums up all the points that were taught him in the financial strategy lesson and was created by Keith himself.   Emotions, when mixed with unbridled greed, produce economic disasters. Land eats three meals per day. A good market tends to hide mistakes. Nothing takes the place of being actively engaged in the running of your business and … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation: Keith Cunningham’s Log of Lessons Learned

Wealth creation expert Keith Cunningham talks about the lessons he learnt during the late 1980's real estate market collapse in the South-western part of the US. This is a rare account of the invaluable lessons learnt by the property magnate through the financial adversity faced in that period. Keith Cunningham’s Log of Lessons Learned - Introduction In the late 1980's, the real estate market in the South-western part of the US collapsed. As many of my friends and business associates were … [Read more...]

Recession Millionaires…Really?!

Reuters recently ran an article stating that the World’s millionaire ranks will be seen soaring through to 2020, it referenced a report by Deloitte which predicts the bulk of the world’s wealthiest families will continue to be found in the United States and Europe, despite the wealth management industry’s obsession with emerging markets. But how is this possible while we are in the teeth of a mighty global recession? If you look back in history to the 1930’s, not everyone suffered … [Read more...]

From Small Farmer to One of UK’s Largest Landlords

What Were His Biggest Lessons? (i.e. Mistakes after enough time has passed!) During a phone call with Kevin Green, we asked him to review his key lessons en route to being one of UK’s largest residential landlords.  We started by asking him to tell us if he had gone bust or close, but, by staying true to his cash generation rules as he went along, he came through all of the challenges. However, here is a summary of the 4 most costly “lessons” he learned along the way; you may recognise a … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation, Becoming Rich & the Purpose of Life: Stop what you’re doing and consider this…

Wealth Creation is a subject that not only intrigues people, but pervades their thoughts and actions at such a deep-rooted, unconscious level that everyone, bar none is affected by this need to create wealth. Whether we notice it or not, money, wealth and riches drive our lives. To say or think you’re not interested in the subject is not only foolhardy but a great untruth. You could be doing yourself a great disservice by saying or thinking this, cutting off and preventing ‘acts of life’ … [Read more...]