Robin Sharma: Lead without a Title

Can You Lead Without A Title?

Robin SharmaEvent Details

Date: Tue, September 18th

Venue: The Convention Centre, Dublin
Time: 9:30AM – 12:30PM
Tickets: €410*
*Horizon have negotiated a 10% discount from The ICBE.  The price to non-members of ICBE is €450 and members is €395.

About Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a #1 bestselling author and is ranked as one of the Top 5 Leadership experts in the world. He is also the founder of Sharma Leadership International (SLI), a global consultancy with a single focus: to help organizations develop employees Lead Without a Title.
SLI’s clients include many of the most successful companies on the planet such as
Starbucks, GE, Nike, Coca-Cola, IBM, FedEx, RIM, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Turk Telekom, Panasonic, The Royal Bank of Scotland & Yale University.
Venue: Convention Centre, Dublin
Dates: Tuesday 18th September 2012

We all have the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will ever become truly effective leaders. During this magical seminar you will learn a new and practical way to help you achieve personal and professional greatness.

Come and be inspired by the internationally renowned leadership expert, Robin Sharma. During this seminar the best selling author of THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI, THE GREATNESS GUIDE and THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE will give you profound insights. You will quickly come to see why when Fortune 500 organizations need a speaker with a proven track record of delivering leadership presentations that inspire, engage and deliver real business results, they go to Robin Sharma.

Meet Ireland’s Business Leaders & Learn

Hosted by Irish Centre for Business Excellence, attendees will include the leaders and senior managers of the largest companies in the country.
The seminar is based on Robin’s international bestseller,
The Leader Who Had No Title™, as a highly inspirational
presentation that will teach:

  • The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles
  • Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy times
  • The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even better
  • The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture
  • Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence and focused in the face of uncertainty

What you will learn:

  • What the best business leaders and organizations do todrive their remarkable results.
  • How to create a leadership culture of exceptional performers.
  • Breakthrough tactics to transform turbulence into measurable success.
  • Powerful lessons to help your team become world-class innovators who are constantly doing things better.
  • How winning organizations build high-performance teams

How to Book:

To Book via Email: Send an email to with “Robin Sharma Event” in the subject line. Please include your name and phone number.  We will call you to arrange and confirm your place.
To Book via Phone: 01 6761952