7 Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online …And How YOU Avoid Them

7 Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online & How You Avoid Them

Most probably almost everything you thought you knew about the web is practically redundant now!?

In the past years we’ve witnessed a massive change in the way the web is used to do business. Traditional website design and marketing techniques simply no longer work.

Did You Know That…

– 32% of Irish commercial SMEs still don’t have a website!

– Only 23% of Irish Businesses Sell Electronically i.e. only 1 in 4 are selling online.

– And 60% of Irish commercial SMEs don’t even have an entry in a search engine/online directory i.e. they cannot be found online!

Source: Central Statistics Office’s Enterprise Statistics, 2010

Do ANY of these apply to you?

  • You’re not exactly sure how your business should be using the Internet….but know you should be using it (properly!) to grow your business!
  • Sales in your business are down, profits are being eroded yet you’re working twice as hard as before.
  • You’ve already spent a lot of money and time on your Website(s), Online & Social Media Marketing yet have little to show for it!
  • You’re confused by the array of Social Media & Online Marketing Tools available to you and need some concrete advice and direction.
  • You’d like the personal freedom of being able to grow your business, generate income and manage your operations without always being bound to the office.
  • You’re looking to blend your offline and online marketing strategies/tactics for optimal results.
  • You’d like to use the web to grow export sales and reduce your dependency on the local economy.
  • You want to build a business that has intrinsic value and enables you to build your personal wealth.
  • You’re simply looking for a way to survive the recession and position your business for growth in the coming years.


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