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Want to Know How to Get Rich for Life, Create Wealth That Lasts and Finally End Your Money Worries For Good!?

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ANYONE can learn how to become rich for life and create wealth that lasts…all you gotta do is believe, follow and put into practice the straightforward wealth creation techniques contained within this website. Best news of all is it’s easier than you think and very enjoyable and rewarding when done right!

Did You Know That…

The vast majority of people dream of becoming rich and creating wealth…someday!

The vast majority of people dream of becoming rich and creating wealth…someday! However, someday usually never happens. It is a widely documented fact that most people not only never become rich but actually struggle with money issues for the whole of their lives!

Most people never build enough wealth or create sufficient income. To make matters worse, even fewer people (3%) can provide for a comfortable (never mind wealthy!) retirement. Personally, I think this is shocking and deeply regrettable! To have lived a life of daily grind, to struggle to get by, with little or nothing to show for all that effort in the end.

Does This Sound Like You?

If you’re like me ….nobody taught you about money or finance when you were younger. Most of what you learnt in school or college is utterly useless when it comes to making money and becoming wealthy. Most people will never build enough wealth and create sufficient income to satisfactorily provide for themselves and their dependants during their lives.

Many spend the majority of their adult lives working 60/80 hour weeks, struggling to pay the bills and their home mortgage and struggle to provide for their children.

Here are some worrying facts…

  • 90% of people will be broke within 3 months of losing their job
  • Only 3% of people retire Financially Independent at age 65
  • 98% of people who are poor never receive proper financial advice or training throughout their lives
  • With The 7 Secrets of Wealth Craetion you will not only build wealth but you can immediately put an end to the lifelong poverty trap and money worries you are possibly experiencing

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About:

  • Developing the "Abundant" Mindset
  • Spending Less Than You Earn, Saving the Remainder Wisely
  • Learning the Language & Mechanics of Money
  • Mastering the Use of Good Debt & Eliminating Bad Debt!
  • Owning Your Own Successful Business
  • Leveraging – Using Other People’s Time, Money & Skills
  • Becoming a "Sophisticated" Investor

The 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation


REASON #1: Put an end to the daily struggle and end your money worriesfor good

REASON #2: Learn how to manage your money so that it begins to work for you

REASON #3: Learn how to make sound investments that produce income and build wealth

REASON #4: Reduce your debt, get out of debt and know how to use debt to your advantage

REASON #5: Access to so-called insider secrets of the rich and the wealthy

REASON #6: Provide for your family, your children and their education

REASON #7: Know how to start or grow your own business

REASON #8: Acquire assets that generate multiple streams of income

REASON #9: Be able to retire rich and be in a position to retire young (if you so desire)

REASON #10: Realize your true potential, become rich, create wealth and live a prosperous, meaningful life you

Are you serious about taking control of your financial future and want to learn everything there is to know about how to become rich and build wealth that lasts!

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About the Author

Keelan Cunningham is an entrepreneur, multiple business owner, author, and personal finance/wealth building specialist. Keelan’s passion is helping people improve their business acumen and personal wealth creation strategies, so they can lead a truly wealthy life in all aspects and with any luck similarly transform the lives of others.
He has hands-on experience of nearly all known wealth creation techniques and asset classes and has learnt through trial and error the do’s and don’ts of wealth creation. His wealth creation activities include business ownership, international property investment and, buying and selling stocks using a combination of both momentum and buy-and-hold strategies.

Table of Contents

Chapter #1: Develop the "Abundant" Mindset

  • Can You Think and Grow Rich!?
  • The Millionaire Mind Making System

Chapter #2: Spend Less Than You Earn, Save the Remainder Wisely

  • Household Budgeting Can Make You Rich!
  • The Million Dollar Habit of Saving

Chapter #3: Learn the Language & Mechanics of Money

  • Money is a Game, Learn How to Play
  • How the Rich Manage Their Cashflow
  • The Wealth Building Assets of the Super Wealthy

Chapter #4: Master the Use of Good Debt & Eliminate Bad Debt!

  • Amazing Little-Known Secrets about Eliminating Debt
  • Debt: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Chapter #5: Own Your Own Successful Business

  • 10 Wealth Creation Reasons for Owning Your Own Business
  • Starting a Business – 5 Important Personal Questions
  • Cashflow Quadrant: How to Get Out of the Rat Race

Chapter #6: Leverage – Use Other People’s Time, Money & Skills

  • How to Create Incredible Wealth using Other People’s Resources

Chapter #7: Become a "Sophisticated" Investor

  • Divesting from Average, Becoming Sophisticated
  • The Secret to Making Millions with Little or No Risk!

Shane Craddock“What’s great about the information you get from Keelan and his 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation e-book is that the wealth building/ becoming rich ideas are all grounded in reality and based on experience i.e. what really works. There are plenty of people out there giving advice that is based on theory but useless in the real world.
What you get from this e-book is highly valuable insights that will help put more cash in your bank account and build wealth that lasts.”

Shane Cradock
Business & Performance Coach, Ireland

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“I have recently come accross Keelan Cunningham’s new e-book “The 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation”. Keelan is a wealth creation coach and the founder of website – the place to be if you are looking for real wealth creation knowledge and expertize. He believes that Wealth creation is at the heart of the very purpose of life….the true purpose of life is to create yourself as you want to be.

Keelan’s book is well written and provides practical tools and tips to create immediate income and sustainable wealth. Having read many books on the subject, I can assure you that there are powerful strategies that you can immediately leverage.
I highly recommend it! “

Steve Olsher
Author of “Journey to You”, Best Self-Help Book 2010

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