Andy Harrington

 At age 28 Andy Harrington was flat broke addicted to drugs his marriage was breaking down and his life heading nowhere fast.

After attending a personal development event he quit his job and decided turn his life around. He started a business of his own with a small loan from his bank. That business today has now pulled in over 50 Million Euro’s.

For the last 8 years Andy has been teaching others how to step up and reach their potential. He is now a big name speaker invited to speak on the biggest stages all around the world.

His Public Speakers University is widely acknowledged as an incubator for the next generation of world-class speakers.

He has worked with Hollywood movie stars, Premiership football players, business leaders, entrepreneurs, teenagers, homemakers and ordinary everyday people.

A successful entrepreneur Andy has built several multiple million pounds organisations and is sought after for his business boosting strategies and turnaround expertise.

He is a world renowned public speaker and is able to captivate an audience with his direct and engaging style whilst helping people to create rapid and lasting change by tapping into the unlimited power of the mind.

He has pulled in over £4.2 million from public speaking engagements alone since 2003, created a company from scratch with just £10,000 that pulled in over £21,000,000 in 5 years and is THE ‘go to person’ top speakers approach if they want to improve their performance.