Brad Sugars

Motivational Speaker, Brad Sugars

About Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars is the founder and chairman of ActionCOACH. He was the one who started the ActionCOACH brand (formerly known as Action International) when he was in his early twenties. Today the company is internationally recognized as the leading global business coaching firm and one of the leading and most awarded franchises in the world today.
Brad Sugars has made a difference in so many people’s lives. He has inspired them to become passionate about their business while encouraging them to pursue their dreams to create abundance in all areas of their lives.
Brad Sugars believes he knows a few things about succeeding in business because he’s learnt the hard way.
He built his company, ActionCOACH, up from nothing to now being ranked, by the USA’s Entrepreneur magazine, as the 16th fastest growing franchise in the world, and 53rd of the top 500. And this has been achieved in just twelve years!

“Sure I’ve made mistakes along the way – after all, that’s what learning is all about, isn’t it?” he says.

Brad Sugars’ story isn’t unique

Many others have realized their dreams just as he has. But it does go to show that you can achieve whatever you want to if you’re focused and committed.

You need to have a vision, and you need to think BIG. Then you need to get into action. And it doesn’t really matter how young or old you are.

Brad Sugars started his first business when he was 15, but Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC fame was 65 when he used his $105 Social Security cheque to start his business.

Brad’s story is all about turning dreams into reality. And not just his dreams, but also the dreams of the countless thousands of business owners he and his coaches have worked with over the years.

Brad Sugars father decided his son was going to be a businessman when he found Brad selling his Christmas presents to his brothers at age seven. The following year Brad became much smarter and worked out that if he just rented his toys to them for a day or two at a time, he would get the money and the toys back afterwards.

As soon as Brad Sugars left University, he got a selling job and invested every single dollar he earned into training himself. Courses on money, investing, sales, business, personal growth – you name it, Brad did a course in it.


“This was absolutely one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended – (Business is Booming) nugget after nugget of immediately useful info. “- Grant Baxter – Baxter Floors, Washington DC

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