From Small Farmer to One of UK’s Largest Landlords

What Were His Biggest Lessons? (i.e. Mistakes after enough time has passed!) During a phone call with Kevin Green, we asked him to review his key lessons en route to being one of UK’s largest residential landlords.  We started by asking him to tell us if he had gone bust or close, but, by staying true to his cash generation rules as he went along, he came through all of the challenges. However, here is a summary of the 4 most costly “lessons” he learned along the way; you may recognise a … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation, Becoming Rich & the Purpose of Life: Stop what you’re doing and consider this…

Wealth Creation is a subject that not only intrigues people, but pervades their thoughts and actions at such a deep-rooted, unconscious level that everyone, bar none is affected by this need to create wealth. Whether we notice it or not, money, wealth and riches drive our lives. To say or think you’re not interested in the subject is not only foolhardy but a great untruth. You could be doing yourself a great disservice by saying or thinking this, cutting off and preventing ‘acts of life’ … [Read more...]