3 Day Intensive Wealth Creation Masterclass

December 2, 2011 – December 4, 2011 all-day
O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel
Merrion Square 41-47 Fenian Street
Ian Lawlor
01 676 1952


3 Day Intensive
Wealth Creation Masterclass

The Complete Toolkit on Wealth Creation
with Self-Made Millionaire Kevin Green

A Highly Relevant 3 Day Training for Business & Property Owners, Professionals & Investors

Note: Kevin is one of the UKs Biggest Residential Landlords!!

Attending this event will help you achieve instant passive cashflow streams through property related business/es and SME start-ups. It will increase your earnings potential i.e. the return on time invested (ROTI), gain control of your financial future and implement secure business investment strategies.

Kevin managed to increase the amount of cashflow he received as a farmer from £5 per hour to £1,000 as a social entrepreneur. He also managed to achieve financial freedom and wakes up every day with choices of what he wishes to do.

If you do not attend this event you will miss out on a great opportunity to change your financial situation. On a daily basis Kevin practices what he preaches and is often referred to ‘as what it says on the tin’.

You would also miss out on learning from a wealth creation expertwho has made his money through pure business acumen. Kevin is one of the few speakers in the world who is not just talking about making money or making false claims, but is actually doing it.

On His Exclusive 3 Day Masterclass You Will Learn:

  • Creative finance & fundraising
  • Alternative cashflow sources
  • How to set up and operate your own ‘bank’
  • How to set up and use financial credit lines
  • Investment proposal packaging
  • How to buy property and set up businesses without any of your own money
  • Tool kit for solving financial hemorrhaging
  • How Irish investors can make huge cash as a result ofthe economic crisis
  • Ideal financial frameworks for SMEs
  • Business coaching and where to obtain advise
  • How to make high profit returns through land and commercial property without ownership
  • How to create value through marketing/ intellectual property rights including trade marking your business
  • Turning a negatively geared business or property portfolio into a high cash flow asset

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