Money Masters: GOLD: Save-Haven or Missed Opportunity?!

Money Masters 4th Oct 2011

This Month’s Guest Speakers: Daniel Stoke & Mark Westlake

Gold has retained value throughout history and is an attractive alternative to cash today. However, is it too expensive? If so, what’s the alternative? How do you protect your money from the dilution of Euros and Dollars from all this quantitative easing?

Legendary investors, central banks and the astute are buyers of gold and other precious metals. The ‘GoldNomics’ video reviews why gold holds the crown of ultimate security in times of volatility.

Next Tuesday we welcome Daniel Stokes and his colleagues from GoldCore, an internationally respected investment specialist bullion dealer to our forum to offer education about this highly topical subject.

Since 2003, Mark O’Byrne, Goldcore’s founder has been sharing a simple message, offering education on precious metals and how they play a part in one’s wealth preservation. That was 2003, gold was $350/Oz and the message has borne true and Goldcore have built an excellent team who feature regularly on the international media.

Our forum will focus on a balanced view of the current precious metals markets and how you can decide what is right for you. We are not connected or rewarded by Goldcore, no hidden agenda, just good education and like-minded people sharing ideas.

We feel it’s about time we re-focused on wealth building and eliminated debt from our minds, our self-talk, our portfolios and our balance sheets! Don’t you?

‘GoldNomics’ is an excellent short video about gold:

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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