The Work We Were Born To Do – Nick Williams

The Work you Were Born to do.jpgChapter: Knowing that money is never really the issue.
The amount of money available is not a problem. If you took all the money and wealth that exists in the world right now and put it in an obviously huge pot and then shared it out equally, there would be enough for all 5 billion people on the planet to have over 1 million pounds each! Out thoughts of money being scarce are simply not accurate. We may experience ea personal lack, but this is very different from there simply not being enough money overall. So what is the problem with money, other than unequal distribution? Our attachment to it is the problem.
A few years ago the World Watch Institute calculated the cost of a six year program to clean up the global environment and repair all the damage. It came to 456 billion dollars which seems like a lot until you compare it with the 625 billion spent in one year on arms worldwide. We have the money, we lack the will. I shall be bold and say that the amount of money available in the world is enough to solve every social and environmental problem on the planet. The problem is the lack of will, greed, fear and scarcity of vision to use this money for loving purposes.

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