Thoughts Become Things – Mike Dooley

Response from Mike Dooley, international speaker, philosopher, adventurer To the question viagra side effects posed: What do you mean, “Thoughts Become Things“?

Mike Dooley“For me, the kamagra principle of “thoughts becoming things,” is the end all and be all of living the life of our dreams. In my mind this principle is what powers the much referenced “Law of Attraction.” There are no mitigating factors, no exceptions, and no levitra coupon other causes for the experiences of our lives. Our thoughts possess an energy and life force all their own that cialis price literally rearranges the players and circumstances of our life, predisposing us to the so called accidents, coincidences, and serendipities that will physically bring about whatever we’ve been focusing on. Therefore it behooves all of kamagra jelly us to spend a little time cialis and bph each day mentally imagining our life as if our dreams had already come true (otherwise known as visualization), and, equally important, physically moving in kamagra the general direction of our dreams (taking action, acting “as if,” the baby steps), so that we can be “reached” by this magic-like process”.

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