Wealth Creation: Kevin Green’s Top Wealth Tips

A few wealth tips from Kevin Green

#1: Be determined to succeed

… if the pain of where you are now is not great enough you  will not change. Willpower is key.

#2: Know yourself well as self-awareness

… is the master key to success. Listen to your heart before your head and follow your ‘gut’ feel.

#3: Know your industry inside out

… market research is the key, invest in yourself and learn from people who are where you want to be.

#4: Do not use middle men

… until well established as this increases risk of failure. Learn to do and execute well. Hard work at the start pays dividends.

#5: Keep business simple to start with

… Do not try to re-invent the wheel and access the best advice from people who are acting on the advice they give others.

#6: Link into power teams

… that are the best in their field. Bill Gates once quoted to me ”an organisation is only as great as the people that are in it and surround it”.

#7: Set clear goals, follow your heart and dreams

… they are like goals with wings on and are the biggest driver that originates from within oneself.

#8: Plan at least two exit strategies

… for every proposal i.e. Plan A and Plan B – looking at the worst case scenarios and providing a solution to the potential problems before beginning to implement the strategy.

 #9: Do not waste a second of your time

… Sir Richard Branson quoted that to me in the year 2000 and I have now made it one of my mantras.

 #10: Enjoy what you are doing

… because success is the journey, not the destination!

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  1. Ed Butowsky says:

    I find this article very useful. This should be read by every one who got their inheritance or are wealthy to secure their wealth.

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