The Work You Were Born To Do


Love the Work You Do, Find the Work You Love

With Nick Williams & Neil O’Brien

Date: Tuesday, 31st May 2011, Dublin

Location:D4 Ballsbridge Inn Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Times: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Why is it…

That so many of us grow up believing that we need to sacrifice our passions, joy and happiness in order to get a regular pay-cheque or a salaried position. In today’s world, where work and security is uncertain, it is even more important to create your own work and career possibilities based on your natural strength, talent and passion.

Wouldn’t You Like to Know

  • The key factors that can make work more meaningful
  • The baby steps you can take to making significant work changes
  • 3 key areas to look at to find the work you’d love to do


At The Event You Will Learn?

#1 – How to find more meaning and purpose in the work you already do?

#2 -How to start creating work, or a business, that you’d really love to do.

And That’s Not All!…
You will also Discover!

  • The importance of community when making positive changes
  • Neil will talk about finding the courage, the confidence and the energy to follow your dream
  • How to discover your unique and natural talent and ability
  • Why Perception is the greatest block to the potential of anything
  • How to create the Mental Fitness for the challenges that lie ahead
  • The 5 steps to the work you were born to do

The objective of this event is to inspire, uplift and provide practical steps that can be taken immediately towards a more exciting and purposeful future.

This event is suitable for people whom are employed, self-employed, recently unemployed, career guidance teachers, career coaches and students from transition level and upwards.

About Nick Williams

Nick Williams left a corporate job in IT in 1989 to follow his own passion and find a more meaningful life. Having published six books including the internationally best selling The Work We Were Born To Do, he now works with individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations helping them achieve peak performance through passion and fulfillment. His corporate clients include BT, IKEA, WH Smith, PWC, McKinseys.

About Neil O’Brien

Neil O’Brien left a job in financial services in 1998 after 23 years to launch Time To Fly Ltd. He is now Ireland’s number one corporate conference speaker on the topics of human potential, leadership and change. As well as helping individuals in these areas he also works with many clients on career change and work fulfillment. His clients include Accenture, AOL, BT, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft.


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