Bob Proctor, Event Dublin – The Secret: Thinking into Results,11th October 2009

I saw Bob Proctor (probably best known for his appearance into the The Secret dvd/book) at the Life Lasting Success Seminar in Dublin, 11th October 2009. At age 75 he is living proof that his thoughts (the inside world) control his outside world. He has more energy than your average 25 year old. Having traveled all the way from Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia to be in Dublin he transfixed the crowd with his ideas inspired largely by the “Think and Grow Rich” book by Napoleon Hill.

His talk revolved around one central theme – most people weren’t living the lives they wanted to live because of the Paradigm (or Mindset) which had developed as a result of a multitude of habits (mostly bad) acquired throughout life. He told us how, having read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ at age 26, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, doing things that seemed totally illogical (something he strongly recommends doing!). He then began working with his real-life mentor Earl Nightingale of Nightingale-Conant fame.

Bob Proctor and “The Secret”

More recently he has gained worldwide recognition as a key proponent of The Law of Attraction highlighted in The Secret film/book. Essentially we attract everything into our lives. So, whilst people focus on setting goals into the future, the problem is most people don’t know where they are now and are caught up in paradigms set in their unconscious minds and these paradigms control their lives and hence big goals are not achieved. So, in summary, you have to be able to impress images upon your unconscious mind (and not just your conscious mind) of your big goals in order for them to stand a chance of occurring.


Bob Proctor explains his “Thinking into Results” program at his event in Dublin

He went on to explain that most people don’t go after what they want, they go after what they think they can do which is often based upon a limiting paradigm. He stressed it was crucial to make decisions so that you move into a new vibration and stretch your boundaries. His ‘Thinking Into Results’ program (DVDs and Guide Books) was being promoted in a non-pushy manner and was available for purchase at the event for €395. His delivery was truly awesome as he belted out nuggets of wisdom and one liners non-stop. His closing words were memorable: “Step up, go to the edge and let go…if you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up way too much room!”

Bob Proctor – we salute you!

Rating 3.00 out of 5


  1. The Secret is mostly hooey I mean, it comes aorcss as blame-the-victim. It’s a little simplistic to say, for example, that victims of a famine brought it on themselves by their thinking patterns, when they’re the victims of corrupt governments. It’s almost literally blaming a rape victim because she wasn’t thinking happy thoughts.People get fat because they take up bad eating habits, they’re genetically predisposed to be heavy, or a combination of the two, not because they hang out with chubby people or they think fat thoughts. However, I don’t think it hurts to think positively and try to avoid negative thoughts (notice I said try I know that’s easier said than done). But meditating on what you want and trying to use the law of attraction to bring money to you or anything else is garbage. You have to do something in addition to your wishful thinking.

  2. OMG .my dad’s in that cult. He made me watch The Secret and if it weren’t for my ability to rduicile its every word, I would have had to kill myself. *eerily whispers The Secret .It is dangerous to believe that things will happen if you just believe in them and don’t work to make them true. You will not get $ 5,000,000 by wishing it so. It takes a lot of hard work (or $ 10,000,000 to invest).And evidence to the danger of that way of thinking is clear from your question. It has put a strain on your marriage.

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