Bob Proctor, Event Dublin – The Secret: Thinking into Results,11th October 2009

I saw Bob Proctor (probably best known for his appearance into the The Secret dvd/book) at the Life Lasting Success Seminar in Dublin, 11th October 2009. At age 75 he is living proof that his thoughts (the inside world) control his outside world. He has more energy than your average 25 year old. Having traveled all the way from Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia to be in Dublin he transfixed the crowd with his ideas inspired largely by the “Think and Grow Rich” book by Napoleon Hill. His talk … [Read more...]

Mike Dooley, Sat 16th April 2011

Mike Dooley Image

Manifesting Change: 1 Day Seminar w/ Mike Dooley, Star of The Secret. How to Apply our Thoughts, Words and Deeds to Harness Change! What you will learn with Mike: “The power to have it all” Understanding adversity Our nature as divine spiritual beings How we have been given dominion over all things The miraculous mechanics behind every manifestation How we can apply our thoughts, words and deeds to harness change Event: Manifesting Change: 1 Day Seminar Date: … [Read more...]