Press Release: Rich Dad Poor Dad Co-Author to Speak in Dublin & London

For immediate release: 08th May 2012

“Failings of our education system and financial services industry the root cause of financial illiteracy”,
says Rich Dad Poor Dad best-selling co-author and speaker Sharon Lechter.

Commenting on the lack of financial literacy, Sharon Lechter said: “We all have to deal with money issues throughout our lives. Unfortunately, the traditional education system fails to equip us with the right mindset, knowledge and skills we need to succeed at managing our own money. It takes a company like Horizon Speakers & Seminars to source and promote speakers like myself to provide the necessary education that the established education and financial services industry largely fails at.”

Commenting further, Lechter says: “No matter who you are, where you live or what your circumstances; whether you are an employee, a housewife, an entrepreneur or business person, you and your family can enrich your lives and secure your financial well-being by developing adequate financial literacy.” says Sharon Lechter.

A best-selling author, seasoned entrepreneur/business woman and Certified Public Accountant, Sharon will be sharing her insights and teachings on personal success and financial literacy at a unique 1-day event titled “Think, Act & Grow Rich” in London 26th May and Dublin 27th May 2012.

A rare female voice in the world of finance and public speaking her numerous accolades include being an international best-selling co-author of 15 books in the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. In 2008, Lechter was appointed to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. She is also an Emissary of the Napoleon Hill foundation and CEO of Pay Your Family First.

Commenting further, Lechter said:”Whether it’s simply paying the bills or raising capital for some other personal or business investment, everyone is faced with financial decisions to make. Unfortunately, most people haven’t had the education to allow them to develop their financial IQ to such a level as to ensure their financial well-being”

Sharon’s training provides unique insights and specific steps to boost people’s levels of personal success, their financial IQ and their bank balance! “The 1-Day talk I will be giving with Horizon Speakers & Seminars will focus on providing people with the knowledge, skills and tools people need to ultimately think, act and grow rich,” says Sharon.

Keelan Cunningham, CEO of Horizon Speakers and Seminars (the organisers), commented on the upcoming event with Sharon saying: “We are delighted to host such a world-class authority in the field of personal success and personal finance in both Dublin and London at the end of May. At a time where money issues and finances are centre stage in every household we feel this is a great opportunity for people in both Ireland and the UK to learn from a genuine world-authority on personal success and financial well-being”

“This seminar will be particularly of use to professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone in general who’d like to improve their financial situation. Everyone can benefit from becoming better at managing their mind, their money and their finances,” said Keelan Cunningham.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Sharon Lechter please contact Keelan Cunningham or Ian Lawlor at or go to for more details.

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