Money Masters – The Mind-Money Connection

If you are interested in making a quantum leap in your income, you are in the right place, at the right time. All it takes is a DECISION, and NOW is always the right time. However, you must make a Mind-Money Connection before money will flow in your direction. The people who work long, hard hours to scratch out a living have never learned the laws of the mind or the laws governing money. When you do not understand how your mind functions you will realize how it will, without effort, play tricks … [Read more...]

Seminars: The Big Money

'THE BIG MONEY' When money comes in quantities known as “the big money,” it flows to the one who accumulates it, as easily as water flows down hill. There exists a great unseen stream of POWER, which may be compared to a river; except that one side flows in one direction, carrying all who get into that side of the stream, onward and upward to WEALTH—and the other side flows in the opposite direction, carrying all who are unfortunate enough to get into it (and not able to extricate … [Read more...]

Money Masters: Economic Outlook – An Exclusive with Robert Kiyosaki

Money Masters: 12th Sept 2011 This Month’s Guest Speakers: Robert Kiyosaki The focus of our first Wealth Forum is a recent board of advisors meeting hosted by Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) - Bestselling Author, Investor & Businessman - which was televised recently. This broadcast gives a fascinating insight into current financial markets and highlights extremely relevant and topical wealth building ideas such as: How to benefit from coming uncertainty or even … [Read more...]